Traditional charm and modern comfort
Atmosphere and Service

In 1961 the Hotel Jedermann was founded by Werner and Liselotte Jenke.

Through the years it was lovingly restored and enlarged with the help of the entire family. A big milestone were the Olympic Games in 1972. Several medal winners stayed in our hotel.

In 1988 the pension next door was annexed to Hotel JEDERMANN and construction works began to improve the hotel‘s standards. Only then private facilities have been added to many rooms.

In 1995 we were one of the only two hotels with it's own homepage in Munich. Of course E-Mail bookings and reservations were possible back then already.

2001 - the JEDERMANN celebrated its 40th anniversary with the total renovation of 14 rooms in 2002, some of them equipped with air conditioning.

Since 2011/12 Karin Mudrich and Doris Jenke are fully in charge of the JEDERMANN. They are managing the hotel, along with their employees, many of them loyal to the hotel since more than two decades.
And just as life goes: their parents, the founders, Werner und Liselotte Jenke pass away, unexpectedly and very quickly one right after the other. We are grateful for all they have taught us!

From 2013 to 2016 more renovations have successfully taken place and the hotel with it‘s staff and management will continue to happily host people from all around the world. Welcome!

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