"All ways lead to Munich"


Located in the city center, about 7 minutes walk from Munich central train station „Hauptbahnhof“, between the Octoberfest field and the new European Patent Office, the hotel is perfectly situated to reach business appointments in the city and its surroundings or to shop or to sight-see in pretty Munich. The fair ground and Munich congress center is easily to be accessed.

How to get to the Jedermann

There are three ways to reach Munich: train, plane, bus and car.

By car, motor cycle or bike

Whether you will be arriving from Salzburg, Nürnberg, Frankfurt or anywhere else, all highways end in Munich's "Mittlerer Ring", a motor-way around the city. You can now either follow the signs to "Zentrum" or "Innenstadt" and then to Munich's main station "Hauptbahnhof"; Bayerstrasse is the street south of the main station. Or stay on the Mittlerer Ring till you arrive at a bridge called "Donnersberger Bruecke" (please see map). Landsberger Strasse is the prolongation of Bayerstrasse, so please stay on Landsberger Strasse direction city-center to hit Bayerstrasse. To unload the car, please stop for a few moments in front of the hotel.

By train

You will leave the train at Munich main station "Hauptbahnhof", only five to ten minutes walk from the hotel. Please leave the station at the southern side near track 11. You will directly hit "Bayerstrasse". Please turn right and walk up the street till Number 95 on the left hand side. This is HOTEL JEDERMANN!
You would rather take public transport? In this case, leave the station as above, but instead of turning left, just go to the middle of "Bayerstrasse". There is the street car stop of No. 18 and 19. Take the street cars that go to Pasing or Gondrellplatz and get out at the second stop, which is called "Hermann-Lingg-Strasse". Our hotel is just across the street; in the blue building at number 95 on the left hand side of "Bayerstrasse". A ticket machine is inside of the tram.

By plane

You will arrive at Munich International Airport "Franz-Josef-Strauss". It is about 45 minutes (35 km) from the city center and Munich main station. Please use either public transports (S-Bahn No. 1 or 8/ app. EURO 13,00 for a single ticket, EURO 18,00 for a group ticket up to 5 people), shuttle-bus (appr. EURO 11,50), taxi (app. EURO 100,00) or a private limousine service (please contact us min. 3 days in advance) to reach the main station (Hauptbahnhof) or directly the hotel. From the main-station you will be able to reach the hotel as described above.

By bus

We are only a few minutes walk away from Munich's new coach terminal at „Hackerbruecke“ called ZOB.
For that get off at the ZOB and cross the bridge called „Hackerbruecke“. Continue while passing the italian restaurant Il Castagno on the left and walk through the two buildings along the beautiful fountain. Go down the stairs; you will hit Bayerstrasse and as soon as you will turn your head to your left you will see the „JEDERMANN“ a few more meters down the street on the right hand side.

Connections to the Munich Trade Fair and Munich Congress Center

The trade fair München-Riem and the congress center ICM can be reached within 20 minutes with the underground line U2 from the main train station.

Tickets for the public transports are usually included in the fair ticket or can be bought at the hotel‘s reception.


The receptionist will explain to you where to park in the garage for EURO 12,00 per night or where to leave your bike!

Bigger vehicles can park on the street or at Theresienwiese (about 3 minutes walking distance) or on one of the local bus parking areas.

Tickets for the public transports are available at the reception!

Access to the public transport

The hotel has great access to the public transport. All S-Bahn trains and the underground trains U 1, 2, 4 and 5 are leaving at the nearby train station „Hauptbahnhof“ or at the underground stop "Theresienwiese" (U4/ U5). The trams 18 and 19 stop right outside at the stop "Hermann-Lingg-Strasse".

Tickets for public transport

can be bought at the reception.

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